Badam Halwa.


Badam Halwa and  a heavy meal will make wonders in life i.e joy was the recent discovery made by me . Well yesterday i made this and so such heightened emotions. i remember eating this in Woodlands Hotel, Madras in my childhood. may be it was rolled in a butter paper or something like that. Recently  i was browsing sites for ideas to make sweets and thus came upon this sweet. Positive remark is the consistency or alertness is not required here  as for most sweets demand  right consistency for the sugar syrup and if we fail it will turn to a Brick. So with great enthu i   started this ,only thing is i  added more water so it took  more time to cook . Other than that ooo aaahh.. should be our comments here. Now we  go for the recipe.


Badam/ almonds -1  cup

Sugar -1 cup

Ghee -3 tbls

Elaichi powder -1 /2 tsp

Milk – 1/4 cup.

Colour – 1/4 tsp


Soak badam in hot water for 1 to 2 hours.

Reason for this  much soaking time is to peel the skin easily. . After the soaking time peel the skin and grind it a very smooth consistency by adding milk . Uniform smooth consistency is a must .

Heat a cup of water in a non stick pan. When it boils add sugar  and when sugar dissolves add this paste and cook in a medium fame. Keep on stirring  . Finally the paste leaves the sides of the vessel.

Add ghee and colour of your choice. Do not forget to add the elaichi powder .Before it burns the vessel switch off i.e may be in a 99 percent stage we can switch off the flame and in the residual heat it will come to halwa like consistency .

That’s it .

Transfer it to a vessel and can be stored in  refrigerator also for further use.

Badam Halwa and anything simple will give the guests a wonderful feast . That is the power of ALMONDS.



4 thoughts on “Badam Halwa.

  1. ramesh says:

    a krambu or a pinch of pachai karpooram enhances the taste like MSG to chinese. I personally feel elaichi takes out the flavour and aroma of badam. Insteada little of saffron may do the trick.

    • Is this Ramesh Sir of MMC? Ok Anyway thanks for the comments.Will try this next time.But saffron price makes me from stop buying .Just a silly mindedness only .Next time when i visit Mustafa Singapore will buy saffron..

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