Couscous Upma.


Couscous was new to me yes the name itself as one of our friend who had just returned from the U.S mentioned to me . And also we thought that we will not get here. But only recently ,i found in Mustafa  a new shelf full of products from U.S arranged and  also to my surprise Couscous was there. As she had said we prepare like normal upuma only  i tried i n the normal way and also got another easy Tiffin recipe for those lazy dinner nights.


Couscous is a dish made from tiny granules of durum wheat. The couscous grains are then prepared by steaming them until they have a light, fluffy consistency.

Couscous is closely related to pasta, as durum wheat, ground into semolina flour, is the same type of wheat that is most commonly used for making pasta.

Couscous originated in North Africa, where it is traditionally prepared as part of a meat or vegetable stew seasoned with cumin. Today, couscous is found in many cuisines, including much of the Middle East and various Mediterranean cuisines, as well as the United States and western European countries such as France and the U.K.


Couscous – 1 cup

Onion -1

Green chilli -1

Carrot -1

Mustard seeds -1 tsp

Urad dal -1 tsp


Water – 2 cups



Cut onion,carrot and green chilli.

In pan add oil.

Then add mustard seeds, urad dal and when it splutters add onion ,carrot and green chilli .

Saute well.

Add water and salt .

When water starts  boiling add the couscous and cook in medium flame.

It may take 10 minutes only and the couscous upuma is ready.

If we want  a heavy  meal  we can add many vegetables too to this like Khichadi and eat .


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