Rose Syrup Tofu Pudding.


Well the summer has begun and i wanted to quench our thirsts by making something cool .As usual lemon tea was handy and we all liked this instant drink.And another thought of making use of silken tofu too striked me.i had earlier made choco tofu pudding so this time i wanted to try a different one.Rose flavoured pudding came to my mind and today i made and taste was excellent.Blending was perfect.No one will believe its origin i.e. tofu.


Silken tofu _1 pkt

Rose syrup _ 1 tbls

Brown sugar _4 tbls.


Blend with tofu ,rose syrup and brown sugar in a blender.Then check for sweetness and flavour too and add some more if needed.Then pour in individual ramekins. Wrap with aluminium foils.Cool it for 6 hours and serve.


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