Couscous Payasam/ Dessert.


Couscous , i had earlier mentioned in a recipe that it is new to me. Later when i was reading the labels i got a recipe with a sweet pick. Anything sweet means i rush to make it as it gives a break from routine life and on weekends it is a luxury. Now for the recipe which is as simple as abc.


Couscous -1 cup

Milk -2 cups

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Cardamom Powder- 1 tsp


Couscous and milk to be boiled together.

Simmer and cover it .

Couscous seems to yield large quantities.

So measuring it lesser than what we need is necessary .

After 10 minutes   the couscous will be cooked.

Add sugar and Cardamom powder  and give a quick mix.

Now it is ready to serve. If using later we may see the milk absorbed , so we can reserve some milk and add while serving.

Hot or cold couscous Payasam is best.


The original recipe needs some ingredients which i do not have . But if you want you can add a dash of butter or condensed milk to this to give a smooth richer texture.


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