Tomato n Garlic Thokku and blog’s first anniversary.


Many years ago that was the time when i had completed my degree and started showing interests in cooking i learnt this recipe from my sister.She in turn had learnt it from her sister in law Madhu akka who is a good cook.Though i am not sure how she exactly makes this i just try to make this on what i remember.i do not make this often too as i am bit lazy to peel garlic.The recipe well suits roti and can be taken along for  long journeys .This is my blog’s anniversary the first one , and reminded by So as a moment of celebration i am posting this and thanks to all my energisers.Incidentally my first post happens to be Tomato soup!


Tomato _ 1/2 Kg

BIG Onion _ 3

Garlic _ 1 cup( cut into small pieces)

Red chilli powder_ 1 tsp

Mustard seeds _ 1 tsp

Oil and Salt.


1.Cut tomato and onion into fine pieces.

2.Heat oil in a kadai. Sesame should be good.

3.Temper mustard seeds and then add onion and fry well.

4.Add finely cut garlic and saute well.Then add tomatoes and saute.

5.Add chilli powder and salt.Mix well.Add a cup of water and cover.Cook in medium flame.

6.In about 15 minutes it will be ready.It will be of dry consistency and not runny.Minimize water and also adding more garlic gives rich taste.Keep on stirring so that it does not get burnt up.


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