Peanut Chat / Masala.



Food when served or got at the right time is always unforgettable. Even a humble tea on a roadside  shop on our long journey will relieve our senses and also never leave our memory. Like that we can point many shops or food like this. Unforgettable for my father and sister should be the curd rice and mango pickle served in hotel near Kadallor on our way to Trichy . i do not remember the exact place  but i was seeing them praising that food and ordering for a second plate . i was very small then and a  hater of food that i ate popcorn. Now i yearn for it.

The Chinthamani at Shenoy Nagar, Chennai  where my grandfather on his visits will buy the Bhelpuri and that time too i will not opt for that but eat the milk sweet watching the speed with which the North Indian vendor used to mix ingredients for Bhelpuri  is a an unforgettable moment. Adding to it the cool Aavin flavoured milk soothed the buds.

The smell of fat in Shanthi Vihar ,Luz  permeating  our nose and the cooks making North Food is a rare sight.

The hot breakfast served in Vaitheesewaran Koil on an early morning, the simple Brahmin home made lunch after a tiring homam at Rameshwaram are all some food with holiness and memorable as it  was with our Uncle’s family too.The street kuchi icecreams we had on our visits to Trichirapalli is another one.

My mother’s  preparation of Tamarind rice and curd rice, Thengaai Thugaiyal with fryums and not to mention the amount she cooked on a visit to Pillayarpatti is unforgettable .

My maternal grandmother’s Podi idlis on our trip to Swamimalai  and the notion not to spend unwisely is still unforgettable.My paternal grandmother made chapathi and Pickle for an outing in which she took us for two devotional films on a single day is still in our brain album.All these memories are not in our cameras or i phones but the love and the way we all absorbed everything around us without any distraction should be noted . Nowadays even a sight of marvel is immediately absorbed by the cameras only first than human eyes and i think Hotel food is losing its standards. But the contractors or cooks who are taking catering orders are doing a marvellous job.

After marriage some how all these are missed as we are now living a more mechanical life and we have to make everything ourselves as grownups.Rarely i can cite some examples. Our visit to Malaysia and to the starved tongue which yearned for vegetarian food , the hotel which served good food in Penang is unforgettable. Appreciation to Komals, Jurong Point and the hotel near Jurong East Temple who always maintain the same standard should be mentioned here. Recently on our visit to Yercaud we happened to enjoy a whole day of finger food  and that was a day which could not be missed. With my over cautious fear i wanted to make Briyani and curd rice as i was afraid that we will not get good food there. But it is not so it seems. But we were happy that on the climb itself we relished in the cut fruits like Watermelon Pineapple , Mango with mild spice powder. Then the Hot corn and Peanut masala was an added benefit. Again we had Cauliflower bajji  and Milagai bajji as the evening settled. The driver promised to show a shop where hot tea was sold but forgot i suppose. But before leaving i made a wise  shopping by  spotting a peanut masala vendor . Earlier a small boy had made this. Now a lady and the way she took efforts made my Husband exclaim,”For this you are  taking so much effort?”. “Masala means we have to add all these ” was her prompt response. The lady was generous and she added Hot chilli powder, squeezed the lemon and grated a  broken carrot . The lemon should have been used several times. but the time and climate made us feel that the masala was delicious  . An unforgettable day. From then i have started making these and on our visit to east Coast beach i had Sweet corn chat which was very much appreciated by friends. For blog purpose  and to record i am posting the Peanut masala or chat which should not be a big deal. Creativity and interest will make us do this without any notes i think just like that Yercaud Lady . So photos will do the work. Just a gist.

Steamed peanuts, Raw onion, Coriander leaves, Red Chilli Powder, Chat masala, Lemon juice and salt .Grated carrot to any vegetables can be our choice.



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