Paneer Soda.


Paneer , this has nothing to do with cottage cheese but it is simple Rose water or Rose essence. Paneer Soda is the Pioneer and still winning among giants like Pepsi, Coke in soft drinks industry. i remember buying it for Rs 3 or 5 many years ago. Now it is around Rs 10. Whenever relatives visit our places i.e small towns their immediate priority will be Paneer soda only. Now my children run to the Autokaar ( means auto rickshaw owner) shop next to my mom’s house in my home town to buy this. Evergreen memories and still cannot forget the Fruitnik and Ruby drinks stored in my Maternal Uncle’s house who was doing a distribution agency . Thanks to Raks Kitchen for presenting such a recipe. i am posting here to record sweet memories.

Soda water -1 can
Rose water – 2 tbls
Sugar -1 /2 cup
Water – 1 cup.


First add sugar to water and heat it in a mild flame.


After sugar gets fully dissolved switch off the flame and allow it to cool.

Take a tall glass add two ladles of sugar water, 2 tbls of Rose water and then soda. Do not add till brim. Mix and check for sweetness and syrup.

If needed add more sugar syrup / Rose water accordingly. Float some ice cubes on top. Serve it with a straw.

Before tasting  it do not forget to take a breath of the fresh smell of rose syrup for that is the magic here.

i used a rose syrup which had saffron too, so the colour is Orangey. Normally plain rose syrup or essence will yield colourless soda. When using essence add a few drops only.



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