Wheat Rava Pongal.




Wheat Rava usually recommended for diabetics is highly preferred by us and we like to make Upuma with it. i like to add some vegetables to it  as it gives a wholesome diet. Once i remember eating Wheat Rava   Bisibelabath  during Navarathiri kolu time  in Chennai. Taste was awesome.And in my father’s  New house opening ceremony (Grihapravesam)the Cook Balan had made Wheat Rava Pongal . We were delighted to see  it in a new form and when we asked the  servers the method he replied it as  same as our normal Pongal. But i wanted to know the exact method as i feared it will  be like Normal upuma if not cooked properly. Recently while blog hopping i came  across this recipe and    i jumped to make this.  Good Taste assured and also gives benefit of eating fibre instead of rice. Now for the recipe   and yes it is similar to our same Pongal recipe.


Wheat rava – 1 and a 1/2 cup

Moong Dal – 1/4 cup

Black Pepper -1 tsp

Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp

Cashew –  4 to  5

Hing – 1/2 tsp

Ginger- 1 tsp (cut into fine  pieces )



Curry leaves- a few sprig.


1. Simply roast wheat Rava in a dry pan for few minutes



and then moong dal separately. Just few minutes is enough.


2. Wash the moongdal .

3. In a cooker or in a vessel add both wheat rava and moong dal. Add 4 to 5 cups of water.

4. In a small pan add ghee and oil  or ghee  alone . Heat it and then add Pepper, Jeera, ginger  cashew, curry leaves one by one  to it. You can add pepper/ Jeera powder i f you do not like whole pepper.

5.When they splutter add this to the mixture . Add salt and mix well.



6. Cover the cooker or the keep the vessel in a cooker and cook for 3 whistles. After two whistles  simmer the stove  for 10 minutes and then switch off after the third whistle.

7.  When the pressure settles down open the cooker , and smash it if you find the Pongal not blended properly . Taste for salt and add a tsp of ghee if you want the extra  flavour. serve with any chutney.


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