Red Capsicum Chutney .



Red , red give me red .. is my favourite color and many say that red color suits me well . So i always like red and the boldness it depicts is an inspiration for all. Capsicum is another favourite and being from Thanjavur we are pampered by fresh vegetables because of the fertile soil and a special small variety of capsicum  is a treat for us . After coming to Singapore when i made Capsicum Sambhar my friends  indicated that since i am from Thanjavur  i am preparing this combo. So IF  it is unusual to use capsicum in Sambhar means what will they tell for usili made with it . Well i am also a learner and web browsing gave ma idea about capsicum chutney and i picked red one as it will be very attractive and tangy too . Many methods are there  in the web i am giving the one i used .Here we go

Red Capsicum -1 (Big)

Tomato -1

Urad Dal -1 tsp

Channa Dal -1 tsp

Red Chilli – 4

Tomato -1

Hing – a small piece

Tamarind – a peanut size


To temper

Mustard  seeds -1 tsp

Urad Dal -1 tsp


1. Wash and cut capsicum and Tomato into fine pieces.

2. Next heat oil and add the dals and chilli and fry well.

3. Remove it and keep it in a vessel.

4. Then fry  capsicum and  tomato well in the same kadai .

5. When cool grind all with salt and tamarind .

6. You will get not only an attractive chutney but a tasty  one too ,which you can use as spread or as a side dish.





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