Puttu/புட்டு .


Puttu and celebrative mood in house is often connected. And when done does puttu in Tamil Nadu it means that a girl of puberty age has attained it . In some parts may be near Kerala Puttu making and having it for breakfast could be a custom. Other than that on occasions like Navarathiri Puttu is made . My keralite friends have puttu for breakfast with Banana or sugar . They steam it in the cooker nozzle or even in a coconut shell. My memoirs of eating puttu or seeing it for the first time was in my house when my grand mother did the laborious task of steaming it and mixing it . It was like sieving  riverside sand and i was wondering why they take such an effort. Just then the opposite house Aunty Meena offered the round jaggery and so the puttu was excellent was everyone’s comment .  My daughter’s function had a small crisis and since we have to make in bulk we had ordered in a Brahmin house and at the last time they could not make it . Finally we had a friend who volunteered to do this as they always have this puttu flour in their house.i did not fancy eating puttu  till recently . My sister’s mother in law Saroja Mami  made this puttu during my niece’s function and after tasting it only i started  liking puttu. Also there is no laborious task of grinding the rice so i thought of making it and posting it for a record as it will help later.There are many wonderful recipes which we should try to give our skills a boost and also not to forget traditional food. Now for the show.


Puttu flour -1 cup

Jaggery -1 /2 cup

Cardamom powder  -1/2 tsp

Coconut -1 /2 cup

Cashew -1 tbls.


Puttu flour is rice flour which is washed , dried and ground  at home. Nowadays we get ready made puttu flour . i have used it  here. My sister’s mother in law had used Anil  Puttu flour. I used House brand , a local brand and is equally good. For jaggery we can use the round jaggery .


1. First roast the  cashew in ghee and set aside.

2. Dry roast the grated coconut and set aside.

3. Soak the jaggery  in half a cup of water and heat it. When jaggery  dissolves strain  it and then again  heat it. Continuously stir it in low flame.




4. Mean while take the puttu flour in a vessel. We can dry roast it for few seconds. Since the packet did not have such an instruction i did not roast it . Add little turmeric powder and mix well.Sprinkle water and mix well. It should be dry and also when gathered with hands  it must get together. They say if we hold it must gather together and if we leave it must fall as sand .



5. Now put this in a cloth and steam it for 10 minutes in a idly cooker or even in plates.






6. Now the jaggery   would have reached the consistency we want .Take a little and put it in water . If it rolls into soft balls then it is ideal.






7. When the puttu flour is ready, cool it and give a  spin in a mixie for uniform consistency and without lumps.




8. Put this in a vessel and add cashew, cardamom powder,and then add the jaggery syrup and mix well .


9. We  will  get a coarse sand like but soft  Puttu. 





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