Longan Payasam .


Come Summer and we all like to give all reasons to eat chilled or cooled. But being a mother i myself cannot indulge . So i though infusing fruits with diet will be healthy and staying truthful to what all we read . So Tamil New year was an occasion for me to try Longan Payasam . The idea i got form chef inyou , in which she had used Palm fruit. Since Longan too has the same texture as palm fruit i decided to use it . And again reasons  kids like it and a try for new culinary skills is an increased advantage. Yummy the payasam was good and my Good old(!) Hubby excused me for not doing Vadai as it is  customary too and with kids  Tests going on The gods too must have forgiven me as it rained heavenly  and heavily adding the  fire to the cool mood. Now for the recipe.


Longan – 1 cup (peeled, deseeded and cut into  twos.)

(If you are not lazy you can peel, remove the seeds and add as much as you want to the payasam. No rules here.)

Badam – 1 tbls

Milk – 2 cups

Sugar – 1 /2 cup

Pandan Essence -1 tsp

Green colour -1 /2 tsp.


1. Boil the milk and reduce it to half the quantity .

2. Microwave high the Badam/ Almond for 2 minutes . Then  dry grind it well .

3. Add sugar to the reduced milk. Mix well.

4. Add the colour and essence and then the ground powder and  give a mix .

5. Switch off immediately .

6. When little bit warm add the longans .

7. You can try this immediately or chill and serve . Both tastes good.




You can use any essence  like mango, vanilla, chocolate , orange,saffron  or cardamom. In place of  Badam we can even add coconut milk or condensed milk. The idea is just to incorporate Longan in a sweet base.



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