Jangiri, The Queen of sweets may be that is my own perception  but this is really a great sweet . Either in its taste or in the making of it we can see a clear distinction in this sweet as it is royal in its taste and gets all attention from us. Every piece of jangiri is carefully made and the pleasure of doing this gives us a satisfaction. i used to hate sweets in my childhood but after marriage seeing my Husband craving for sweets immediately after having lunch.  i too became  sweet toothed. This Jangiri affinity came to me when my brother in law used to buy from Bombay sweet stalls Thanjavur , hot and fresh and the smell of rose essence permeating . The ones we have in marriage foods is one among all food and may be it is prepared  a day before so that flavor may be missing . The mini  jangiris are a hot one and my daughter is fond of this. i got the confidence to make this after seeing my friend Sreevidya’s blog. It is relatively an easy one. The ideal should be using a plate instead of Kadai for frying. But when i heated oil in the plate i was alarmed as i felt the plate losing its circular shape or my illusion. i did not want to do this as its is my parents’ gifts and so quickly changed the oil to kadai. Although shapes were not perfect the taste is good  . Something which we can make during Deepavali and with the given amount we can make a sizable quantity .Now to the recipe.


Urad Dal -1 cup

Rice Flour -1 tbls

Orange colour -1 /2 tsp

Sugar – 2 cups

Rose essence – 1 tsp.


1. Soak Urad dal in water for 2 hours.

2. After 2 hours grind it to a thick consistency.

3. After removing from the grinder add orange colour to little water , add rice flour to the batter and mix well all.

4. Mean while add sugar in a vessel and add water till sugar gets immersed . Heat the vessel and keep on stirring . It may be in medium flame. Till we get a sticky consistency keep on doing this. when done add rose essence and switch off the flame.

5. Take a cloth or a ziplock bag . In the bag put some batter and make the bag like a cone. In the tip cut slightly with  scissors . If using a cloth make a hole in the center and then do  the same thing.,

6. Heat oil in a pan. The oil need not be too hot . Now swirl the batter with the cone. first two circles , small and then chain like structures around the circle. If making mini jangiri we need not worry about the shape too. Just do as you prefer. We can make two or three in one go. Make sure the flame is in medium . When cooked one one side flip over to the other side and cook again. Drain them in tissue paper.


7. Add in threes to the sugar syrup and coat w ell with sugar syrup. Remove from sugar syrup and store in air tight containers.



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