Macaroni Choco Fruit salad.


i first tasted this in a school function .Including macaroni in fruit salad was an idea new to me and so i first detested to eat this . But seeing my daughter’s liking i thought of making it. i adapted this recipe from Premas culinary and made few changes . It was liked by all and more than that a good treat on a hot day.Now for the recipe.


Tropical fruits -1 tin

Fresh cream -1 small cup

Condensed milk – 1 tin

Macaroni -1 /2 cup

Choco chips – 1/2 cup



1. Boil macaroni in water and keep it aside.

2. Drain the water, wash with running water and again drain and sieve.

3. When cool the preparation could be done.

4. In a big bowl add the macaroni, cream and condensed milk .Later add the  fruits .

5. Mix well and add choco chips. Cool and serve them.


1. You can add fresh fruits too and macaroni of any shape.

2. Chocochips was my own idea and so i thought that including them will attract my kids.



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