Red Rice Coconut Idiappam.



Idiappam and the name itself makes me drool. i do not bother when the kitchen becomes a little messy or when we have to do the extra cleaning as kids too like idiappam  . Usually white rice flour specially made for this is used by me. i bought recently Red rice flour (Nirapara Brand). The best thing about this is the strands do not stick and work place too does not becomes messy. More than that it is very filling and we get a contended  feeling . i tried Coconut idiappam with this.


Red Rice flour -2 cups

Boiling water -1  to 2 cups

Salt .

For coconut mix:

Moong Dal -1 /2 cup

Coconut (Grated ) -1 cup

Red Chili-2

Hing -1 /2 tsp

Curry leaves -1 sprig

Salt .


1. Boil water . Ina big vessel add the red rice flour and slat and mix well. Salt can be added as little as 1/2 tsp . Give a good mix. If needed oil can be added.

2. Next add the boiling water and mix well with the rear side of a ladle . Water should be added carefully so that  it does not make the flour stick.

3. When done add in small portions to a omapodi achu and swirl in oil coated idly plates . Steam cook for 10 minutes .

4. When cooked spread in a big plate  so that it will be easy for mixing.

For the coconut mix :

1. Grate coconut.

2.Cook moong dal in open pan till cooked but it must not turn mushy.

3.In a pan add oil and temper with mustard seeds, red chilli , hing , curry leaves and fry well.

4. Add coconut to this and give good mix.

5. Drain the water from the moong dal and add to the coconut , Add little salt as this dish is too sensitive to salt .

6. Now mix with idiappam and if needed a dash of oil and serve hot .




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