Maggi Bonda.

20140708_171623[1]Maggi and me. A long story to compile. The first intro to Maggi was given in the school St. John’s Chennai where Maggi people introduced this and gave us many stickers and things to remember Maggi. My mother used to give Maggi as a  special treat . The Indian version has an  unique flavor and composition. The Singapore part is a little bit oily and can be eaten as  soup style. Anyhow i like both but for health reasons i don’t indulge in it.  In my house Maggi means my husband is cooking and it is for three of them. Rarely, when nothing is for dinner i join them. Yesterday happened to be a bore day and i was yearning to do something for my Husband who is at home (chicken pox). To ensure him a good taste for his tongue i thought of making something unique . Then i remembered the only packet of Maggi lying in the cabinet . One of my friend many years  had taught me this recipe . i Thought of bringing it back.Now for the recipe.


Maggi noodles -1 packet

Gram Flour -1/2 cup

Rice flour -1/2 cup

Red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp

Big onion -1




1. Boil Maggi as per instructions in the pack, Do not add the taste  maker . Drain the remaining  water  and give  a water wash and drain well.

2. Cut onions into thin slices.

3. In a big vessel add the flour, salt , chilli powder and give a good mix.

4 Then add onion and again mix well.

5. Now add the cooked maggi and give  a good mix. If needed sprinkle water and again mix well.

6. It should be of  a consistency like pinch and drop , like pakoda .

7.Heat oil in wok. When hot enough pinch a considerable size of the dough and drop it in the oil.

8. We can add three pieces at a time. Cook in low flame .

9. Turn it over when golden  brown and cook again.

10. Drain it in  a tissue paper and serve hot.


1. We can use green chilli instead of red chilli powder.


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