Egg plant Chilli sauce.


Egg plant chilli sauce is a unique recipe i learnt from a magazine many years ago. At that time the magazine was publishing recipes from chefs and Chinese cuisine was introduced by a chef. i jotted down the recipe  and tried them. As those were the early times of cooking i used to take all efforts to cook something differently. But now after becoming  a cook all the year round i somehow forgot the recipe . My mom mentioned this dish to me as my sis in law  had asked for the recipe . i thought of  making this  but never  remembered .Finally after deciding to make Paneer fried rice last week  after seeing Sharmis passion i wanted to make something Chinese and settled for this .The lunch was yummy as kids finished it promptly .


Eggplant : 1 (long variety)

Maida /Plain Flour- 1 cup

Corn Flour -1 /2 cup

Refined oil


Garlic  -3 TSP(cut )

Ginger -3 TSP(cut)

Black Pepper -1 tsp(powdered)

Chilli paste -3/4 tsp

Soya Sauce -1 tsp

Spring onion – 1 small bunch


1. Soak Red chili in hot water . Remove the seeds and grind it with little vinegar . As i did not have vinegar in hand i used Red chilli powder which did not  change taste.

2. Mix corn flour and maida to a thick consistency . Add little salt and mix well.

3. Cut brinjal into round slices . Dip the Brinjal slices in this batter and deep fry in oil .

4. Cut onion, garlic and ginger into fine  bits . In a pan add oil and fry the above .

5. Add pepper powder, Soya sauce , salt and chilli paste .

6. Add  water  may be half a cup  to make it like a gravy. Let it cook in low flame. If the batter is left out add this to the gravy . Or else we can add corn starch to this.

7. When bubble comes out add the fried brinjals and give a gentle toss and remove from fire.Garnish with cut spring onion.

8. Serve with Chinese food for a best combo.  20140712_135157[1]



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