Jeera Rasam.



Rasam and its various manifestations is a big story. To be frank i may exactly know only three types of rasam and like many recipes each rasam has an individual recipe by many that the  name may be same but preparation will be different. When my Brahmin friends mention  rasam names i will be wondering what it is. So it is time to learn many and cook, jot here so that it will be a handy tool. The peculiar reason on not making rasam is on weekends when we prepare Sambhar and Rasam it is very  difficult to eat as our appetite has become smaller . On our newly married days My Hubby would look forward for his Saturday Lunch as i used to cook an elaborate menu. Then as days grew we got the feeling to  reduce the  rice amount so rasam  was  missed. I used to make it on a weekday for lunch i.e only rasam.

In my childhood we were living in a colony where Brahmins lived in the majority . We used to follow them their  food habits and all. Those were the days when we used to have the Pathu mani saapadu. i.e 10 o’ clock meals. My sister after entering college took the hot meals and started her day. It is actually very filling and about 3 p.m we used to have hot dosas or any tiffin with coffee. Between the morning coffee and the meals i.e around 8  a.m we had the second dose coffee or Kanji . Within the meal  time all house hold work was finished . Those were healthy days as if we asked for any  snacks my mother will scold us and say if you had taken the meal  properly you will not ask like this. Yes it is true as does  our Bread breakfast  give anything or can we stop our children entering the  pantry now and then to fill their stomachs .

Successfully my daughter has stared relishing  Sambar and rice . i think eating rice at this age is good for her health and gives stamina .Unlike  her brother who is still fussy she likes to taste all vegetables . Hope my son too follow her soon.

 Now for the Jeera or cumin Rasam which aids in digestion. For authentic Brahmin recipes Subbus Kitchen is the best and i followed hers and tried which gave superlative taste.




To Grind:

Jeera/ Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

 Curry leaves- 1 sprig

 To  roast and grind 

 Channa dal -1 tsp

 Coriander seeds -1 tsp

 Black pepper -1 tsp

 Red Chilli -1

 For the base

 Tamarind -1 small lemon size

 Turmeric powder -1 tsp

 Hing -1 tsp

 For tempering :

 Mustard seeds -1 tsp

 Red chilli – 1

 Curry leaves -1 sprig


 1. Soak tamarind in water and squeeze it to  a thick consistency. To it add turmeric powder and hing and set aside.

2. Fry the channa dal, coriander seeds, Pepper and red chilli in ghee and when cool grind it a fine paste.

 3.Boil the tamarind water , when raw smell ghoes add the ground paste and salt and let it boil for few minutes.

4. Then grind jeera and  curry leaves and add this  to the rasam.

5. Again let it boil for few minutes. Finally after switching off the flame. Add ghee in a small pan and temper mustard seeds, chilli and curry leaves and add to the rasam.

5 . Serve piping hot with rice.


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