Soft Kambu/ Bajra/ Pearl Millet Idlis.


After reading Aaram Thinnai series on Food in Anandha vikatan  i had an eye opener and i resolved to try all the good things mentioned in it . i was searching for millets when accidentally i discovered Kambu in my local grocery shop. And as internet provides us a lot of ideas i decided to make Kambu Idly from Bawarchi site.

Kambu / Bajra/ Pearl millet provides us with disease fighting phytochemicals that lower cholesterol , antioxidants , plenty of fibre , folate , iron , magnesium , copper , zinc  and list continues like a periodic table. Notable one is it is good for diabetics.It is highly effective and recommended for cases of severe constipation and stomach ulcers.


What  i found out is it is very cooling and the flavour is different, sweet smelling like Pandan leaves . So we can make it at least one in a month  skipping our usual Idli and enjoy an enriched meal. Dosa too comes out well. Only thing i encountered was the sticky consistency may be my urad dal gives fluffiness more . Reducing it next time will give the right Idlis.


Boiled rice -1 cup

Urad Dal -1 cup

Kambu -3 cups

Methi seeds -1 tsp



1.Wash and soak Kambu and boiled rice together .

2. Wash and soak Urad dal and methi seeds together.

3. After 6 hours grind Kambu/Boiled rice and urand dal separately and then mix together . Add salt and allow it to ferment for 6 hours.

4. We can now make idlis in the usual way and also dosa. Sweet smelling idlis and Crispy Dosas are ready .


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