Tofu Fritters.



This has a long back story . May be 8 years ago i tasted this in a local market stall when we went for our daughter’s auditions. We had to travel from one end of the city to the other with my son in the stroller too. So in between to refresh we stopped over  in local market and had this.i could not forget the taste . Recently when i entered a facebook page Singapore cooks i remembered this and  googled and found the recipe. i made slight adaptations . A yummy and nutritious snack. So filling that my children skipped Dinner after they had this for their evening snack.


APF -2 tbls

Tofu -2 squares

Carrots -2 (Julienned)

Bell Pepper – 1/3 cup

Onions -2

Garlic cloves -2

Ginger -2 tsp

Bread crumbs- 3/4 cup

Pepper powder -1 /2 tsp



1. Drain the tofu and cut into small pieces and wrap it with paper towel. Put a heavy weight on it . Let it stay for a while .Meanwhile prepare the other ingredients.

2. Julienne the carrots and cut onion, bell pepper, garlic, ginger into thin slices.

3. Prepare the bread crumbs.

4. In a wide bowl add the vegetables,onion, pepper, salt and crumble Tofu also and add. Mix well and then sprinkle APF so that all will bind together . No need for adding water . If too dry sprinkle water and bind well.

5. Heat oil in pan . When it becomes hot , make small balls and drop in hot oil. Cook in medium flame . Turn on the other side.

6. Continue with the rest of the dough and drain the fried fritters in paper towels and serve hot with sauce.




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