Cabbage Vadai.


It a long break and again into blogging world. I have a good excuse as my attention suddenly went to chase Polymer Clay jewellery. First i wanted to buy one for me. Later i thought why should i not make it myself and from scratch i am learning this. Lot of time and some money is going off in my learning process. But my children are so happy to see my finished products . So i am happy that i am into another world too. The world is becoming more and more boring for many reasons and that is why eyes are fixed on media and phones. If we do not do something to chase this boredom it will gulp us. So am confident that i have killed a major giant in one part of my personality.This is one of my beaded jewellery .
So many pending recipes to be drafted here has a good excuse now. I am posting photos some of my products too .
Cabbage vadai is a new version of vadai to me and i learnt this from Rak’s Kitchen. I had actually followed her lunch series menu one day and did what all she had made which I will be posting later . Now for the Cabbage vadai .

1. Urad Dal -1 cup
2 .Shredded Cabbage -1 cup
3.Green Chilli -2
4.Hing -1 tsp
5.Ginger -1 /2 inch
6.Black Pepper – 1tsp(powdered)

1. Soak Urad dal in water for about 2 hours .
2. With it add green chilli, Ginger and grind well. When we get the smooth ball consistency add salt, Hing and black pepper powder . While the batter is getting ready shred Cabbage and wash it well. Drip down the water well as this may add moisture to the vadai.

3.Mine did and so I could not shape into actual vadais.Add the shredded cabbage to the Vadai maavu.(batter)
4.Heat enough oil in a pan and when it gets hot simmer it . Take a betel leaf or banana leaf or plastic cover and make a small flat round with a small ball of the batter and carefully slide into the hot oil.When it is Golden brown turn it into the other side and again cook it.

5.When done drain the oil and remove the vadai and place it in an absorbent paper. Finish the rest of the batter and serve it hot.

1. No need for onion here is an added advantage for the Fasting days.
2. Remember to add very little water as Vadai may drink too much oil .
3. We have to sprinkle water while Grinding and also remove the soaked water in the dal before grinding.


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