Coconut Rice.


Coconut rice and myself . Long back i made this and sent for lunch to my Husband. His colleague commented that we do not eat coconut and so you too reduce the intake. From then i am sparingly using coconut as we move with Tamils form various districts . Most of them around Chennai and in their cooking coconut is sparingly used . So i followed that as it is good to know healthy information . So this coconut rice  must have been made by me only a couple of times. Our weekly consumption of coconut is one only . For us Coconut chutney and Dosai is a treat . Now for the recipe


Grated Coconut -1 cup

Cooked Rice -1 cup

Green chilli -2

Red Chilli -2

Omam/ Ajwain -1 /2 tsp

Mustard seeds -1 tsp

Channa Dal -1 tsp

Hing -1 /2 tsp

Coconut oil -1 tsp


Curry leaves -1 sprig.


1. Cook rice , i used Basmati rice so that it will be  a pleasure to our eyes too .

2. In a pan add oil and add Mustard seeds, Ajwain , Channa dal, Green chilli, red chilli and hing . After the dals get  brown add the coconut and give a good roast . Add curry leaves and turn over .

3. Spread the rice in  a plate and when cool add the tempered ingredients and  salt. Reduce the quantity of salt than usual as coconut is too sensitive to salt. If needed later add slat .

4. Give a good mix with ladle as our hands may spoil the rice .

5. Serve it with any spicy curry .


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