Maida Milk Cake


Deepavali mood  starts now. Here cake doesn’t mean our oven baked cake but for some reasons they term these homemade delicacies as cake. Thiis is my child hood favourite. i like the colour of this cake and usually my grandmother makes this for Deepavali . My sister’s favourite cake . i had made was Maida Burfi which tastes nothing but like Kalkandu. Last year when i met my Periamma  , (Prema Periamma) i asked for this recipe. She is a versatile cook and never complains about cooking. Ready to cook at odd hours and circumstances. Jams, silver raq sweets, Sauces, pickles are all her specialty apart from her unique flavoured vadavams . Try to make sweets in   was her constant advice to us in our  teen years . Just try with a small cup is her tip. Adhering to her principle i had tried this today to bring the Deepavali mood to Blog and presenting a new recipe for that tantalizing taste. Trust me The taste never leaves your tongue and also kids will love this.


1. Maida -1 /2 cup

2. Sugar -1 /2 cup

3 .Milk Powder -1 /2 cup

4.  Green Colour -1 /2 tsp

5. Ghee -2  1/2 tsp


1. In a heavy bottom pan add ghee 2 tsp only and fry the maida in low fire. After it gets fried well remove it and place it in a bowl.

2. In the same vessel add sugar and half a cup of water and stir well till you get one string consistency. It will make a line between your fingers and leave too. No problem This is the right consistency.

3. Now add the food colour . You can add even any food essence to this like Pista .

4. Mix the milk powder and maida well.Now add the sugar syrup to this and whisk well . Swift actions . See there is no lumps formed. All these  are done out out of  the stove.You can add the remaining half teaspoon of ghee now .

5. Grease a plate with ghee and pour this mixture on it.

6. When cool cut into small pieces.

Mine was a trial run so such tiny bits but definitely i will make this for Deepavali on my family’s approval and make bigger pieces. And post the photos here .

Simple less calorie sweets. Try it for Deepavali.


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