Mushroom Fried Rice.



The best Fried rice i have ever tasted is in my hometown in a small hotel which is also my Father’s favourite. Daya’s. Cashewnut fried rice is their speciality. The restaurant  was within walkable distance and we used to take an occasional break in our routine and used to go there. Not much crowded and spacious is a plus point in the hotels in our side . So for making a restaurant style  fried rice we need  the patience they have  to make them so good. Today i made Mushroom fried rice and it came out pretty good.


Basmati Rice -1 cup

Button  Mushroom -10 pieces (i used Tinned )

Big Onion -3

Ginger Garlic paste -2 tsp

Pepper Powder – 1 n 1/2 tsp


Spring onion – If available.


1. Wash and soak Basmati rice in enough water . After half an hour  cook it in a pressure cooker. One whistle is enough.

2. To avoid stickiness spread in a big plate  to make it separate.

3. Mean while prepare the ginger garlic paste, cut the big onion lengthwise very thinly  and also cut the mushroom into small pieces .

4. In a big vessel add oil and saute the onion well. then add the mushroom and give a good turn.

5. Add the ginger garlic paste and mix well till the raw smell goes off.Let the water go off well.

6. Add the cooked rice now.

7. Mix them well  , add salt, Pepper powder (Black or white) . Let it be in medium flame till moisture goes off.

7. After 5 minutes garnish with cut spring onion and serve with any spicy curry.


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