Chettinad Mock Chicken Kurma.



My  affair with mock chicken began after coming to Singapore. Then people around me will comfort that it is soy protein which will taste like Chicken or mutton or fish. i was not that much interested in this. But seeing the interest of eating non vegetarian food in my kids i decided to do something similar so that they will like. i bought mock chicken from a local store and adapted this recipe from Sharmis passion. Superb taste and my daughter who first hesitated now tells that it is far more better than chicken .Now for the making of the gravy.

First marinate the soy chicken  For that you will need

1.Mock Chicken -1 pkt.

 2. Curd -1 /2 cup

3.Turmeric powder -1 /2 tsp

 4.Chilli Powder -1 tsp

5. Salt 


i washed the chicken once and then  mixed curd with all the above and put the chicken in it . Leave  it for an hour at room temperature. We can add ginger garlic paste too to this.

Now for the Base for the Gravy. The base for the Gravy is the highlight in Chettinadu recipes, i think so. The gravy is so thick that it sticks like an ice cream in the plate and competes with the mock chicken in getting the appreciation.

The items necessary for it are

Grated Coconut – 1 cup

 Coriander seeds-1 tsp

 Red Chilli -3  to 4

 Black Pepper -1 /2 tsp

 Cumin -1 /2 tsp

 Saunf -1 /2 tsp

 Roasted  Gram Dal -1  tsp

 Big onion -1 

 Tomato -2

Roast everything in little oil and Grind  in  a mixie with little water .

Now for the actual part of cooking .

Small onions are a must in Chettinaadu dishes. since i did not have in hand i used big onion.The items we need here are

Small onion – 5 to 7 

 Tomato-  1

Bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom are first added to hot oil . When the aroma spreads simmer the flame. Some of us throw away them after the aroma gets incorporated . So it is according to our wish. Then saute small onions either full or halved and then  saute tomatoes well . Add the ground mixture and then add the marinated mock chicken to this add salt . Mix well. Transfer this to a pressure cooker and  cook for one whistle only . Then  serve it with curry leaves topped on it . A simply irresistible taste which fails to leave our tongue and throat for few hours.


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