16 Grains Kanji Maavu / 16 Grains Porridge Flour/கஞ்சி மாவு .



Kanji Maavu or Flour is a health flour made in our houses  using millets , Grains and Pulses to make a healthy drink. Usually cherished by the elderly and taken by them on fasting days now again gaining popularity. My mother used to make it with 9 ingredients. The usual procedure is to dry roast the ingredients one by one and get them ground in a mill . Take a teaspoon of it and mix in hot water  and give a boil. Add little milk , stir well  then add sugar and drink it t get a complete planned  food. It will be made into a porridge like consistency or a diluted drink. We prefer the latter. Very cheap and nutritious . The same can be had with Butter milk and adding ground sugar can  made into small ladoos too. This year on my visit to India i planned to grind this flour  to give a  dietary supplement to my family and quit those malt drinks .  And things worked out well. The sales girl at Puniamoorthy Pillai shop our Town’s  shopper’s haeven assisted me in getting the ingredients more than what i imagined and my mom and myself did the rest  of the work. Seeing the effectiveness my father asked us to make second time and  we stocked up more flour. It became a daily regiment for us to drink this and my children were persuaded to drink this . So it is now a daily habit for us. The actual quantity we get from this may panic you but you will soon find the flour getting used quickly that you will have to make it again .



Now for the recipe .


1.Red Raw Rice – 200 gm

2.Cholam/ Sorghum  -200 gm

3.Kollu /Horse Gram -2 00 gm

4.Samai Rice/ Small millet -200gm

5.Pottu kadalai / Roasted Gram -200 gm

6.Javarisi / Sago -200 gm

7.Soya Beans -2oo gm

8.Barley -2oo gm

9.Pachai Payaru /Green Gram – 200 gm

10.Thinai / Fox tail Millet  – 200 gm

11.Kuthirai Vaali/ Barn yard Millet – 200 gm

12.Raagi/Finger Millet  -2 00 gm

13.Kambu/Pearl Millet -200 gm

14..Kavuni Rice – 200 gm.

15. Varagu Arisi/Kodo Millet -2 00 gm

16. Badam/ Almond – 10 to 15


The above quantity gave me 4 and a  1/2 kg of flour .

We can increase the quantity of the ingredients.

If you find stones or grits in it clean them by spreading on a broad plate and picking them one by one .

Then dry roast the ingredients in a dry heavy bottom kadai one by one .

May be for 5 minutes or till they get warm enough. Make sure that they do not bet burnt.

Then transfer into a large basin so they will get cooled easily .

When cool enough get them ground in a mill , it is  essential as the mill machine itself takes four to five times grind  to get the smooth texture.

Touch them to test the texture.

When the flour becomes cool store in air tight containers and take a smaller measure in a daily use container and use it .

The surplus can be stored in a fridge as the climate varies we may see it affecting the flour . Hence the preventive measure .


To make the drink:

Take  a teaspoon or two of the flour and mix well in a glass of water .

Then heat it in a low flame , stirring often. When the mixture thickens add little milk may be half a cup and mix well. When hot enough add sugar and give mix. that’s it . The concentration of the Drink can be varied by the quantity of the Kanji Flour added . That’s it.

Note: Usually in the past  Kanju Maavu did not include the small millets , now they are gaining popularity so i included most of them . So do not forget to add them. It is good to add all ingredients but if you do not find some it is okay to omit of  them.


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