Yesterday was my birthday but  i was not in a mood to bake for myself. any how i wanted to give a treat for my family . So i thought of making something Indianish. And Rasamalai, Basandhi came upto my mind. But rasamalai seem to have a long process so i went into this and the results were very good. The Basandhi and Poori masala duo go well and we were happy with a simple home made treat.i was equally delighted to get presents from my children. My daughter was the first to present me this year with earrings. Usually she would be in a teenage mood and will only see her brother doing all these. But this year she was too early and had bought in the earlier weeks itself. I always encourage children to do such things as the art of giving could be taught to them in the earlier stage so itself. Even if it is for our selves we can encourage  them to gift us  as we are witnessing many children after becoming grown ups not responding to their parents’ desires. Then my son who i picked from his school first told me that nothing was upto his interest in his school , on which i got disappointed. Later after returning home he surprised me with a jewellery box . And that made my day.Now for the recipe.


Milk -1 ltr

Brown Sugar -1 /2 cup

Saffron -2 to 3 strands

Almonds, Cashew(cut)- 1/4 cup


1. In a thick bottom vessel heat milk . Now and then scrap the edges .

2. Mean while cut the nuts and soak the saffron in little milk.

3. Keep on stirring the milk in low flame . It may take half an hour. We have to be by the side as it froths up and spillage may occur.

4. After half an hour you may see the consistency changing  and it becomes thicker. Now add sugar and the nuts . Finally add the saffron and give a good stir.

5. You can serve either hot or cold . Poori masala  and Basandhi are  an excellent combo.

Tip: Adjust sugar amount according to your taste buds . 


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