Palada Payasam and 30, 000 hits.


30, 000 hits does not need any  description but i want to convey all those who visit my blog that much thanks . But i could  identify you only through the blog stats. It will be equally pleasurable if you could give your valuable comments .It will make me develop better and also grow newer relations .And again i am now in a mood to start with a new tempo and got the energy  and ideas to cook for the blog and  my family with extra interest. So i clicked for the Sunday meals series . By this my family too gets the pleasure of eating a full fledged  meal. Today i made Palada Payasam.

Palada is rice flakes and a cumbersome process. But i like to do tedious work  to get the authentic taste . One day i will make that authentic rice flakes . But now with the ready made rice flakes which we bought from a local shop i suddenly thought of making it . Just read the process in the packet and made it . For me  and my husband anything written sweet after a heavy meal is enough . Now for the recipe.

 Ingredients :

1. Palada/ Rice flakes -1 cup

2.Milk -1 /2 ltr

3.Sugar -1 /2 cup

4.Saffron -2 to 3 strands

5. Pista/ Cashew – 4 to 5 pieces.


1. In a heavy bottom vessel add milk and then the ada and cook in a medium flame. My friend suggested to put a a small vessel inside it to prevent overflowing. Since i could not find in my house i had put a ladle with a big mouth which also serves the purpose.

2. When milk thickens , the  ada too gets cooked well.

3. Add sugar and saffron dissolved in milk to it .

4. Finally pista and  cashew will do the  reception service.

5. That’s it . Eat it hot or cold.

Sources say Payasam is milk and sugar and pradhaman is coconut milk and jaggery  which i intend to do another day.

Tip: Adjust sugar amount according to your taste buds . 


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