Easy No bake Custard Pudding Cake.



An easy dessert form Sharmis passion . Must try recipe and i am sure kids will enjoy this . They will not even find what it is made of. Now for the recipe.


1. Vanilla flavoured Custrd Powder – 5 tsp

2.Sugar – 3 to 4 tsp

3. 50- 50 or Krackjack biscuit -1

4. Coffee decoction – 2 tbsp

or Milo and milk – 2 tbsp ( 1 tsp milo and milk )

5.Chocolate or Multi colour sprinkles – to cover the top

The original recipe calls for coffee decoction as my kids do not like coffee i replaced it with Milo. For  coffee mix 1/4 cup pf water with 1.5 instant powder and for Milo replace water with milk and coffee with milo.


1. In a small bowl add the custard  powder to little milk and dissolve till the custard powder mixes well with milk without any lumps.

2. In another bowl  mix sugar, milk  and stir it . Keep it in low flame.Then add the custard powder mix and mix well.Stir for few minutes and switch off the flame.

3. Now dip one biscuit in coffee decoction /Milo and another in custard powder mix and arrange alternately one above another as layer . You can make it to your desired thickness and shape too. In between the layers spread a generous layer of custard mix.Cover as whole with custard mix and then spread the cake sprinkles or even any chocolate or strawberry sauce .

4. Refrigerate for few hours .And after settling time for 5 to 10 minutes cut into desired shape or pieces .Serve immediately .


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