Shahi Tukhda/ Bread Pudding.

20150131_101909[1]Yet another recipe from Sharmis passion. i am again and again trying many of her recipes . i am a regular visitor to her blog . Recently i had some guests so for ideas i was seriously looking for good recipes and as a mixture from Raks kitchen , Jeyashri’s kitchen  and Sharmi i prepared a dinner menu which i really enjoyed .Let me share what i made

Corn Pulao (Sharmis passion), Channa (my own version), Lacha  Paratha(Jeyashris kitchen) , Capsicum Kurma (Sharmis  passion), Mysore Masala Dosai (Raks ),Tiffin Sambhar (Raks Kitchen),Gole baje ( Net),Curd rice and Shahi Tukra(Sharmis passion) .i could not take  photos on that day but i am  planning to do later one by one for my family and blog which i feel will be a lovely collection of tastes. Thanks for all these bloggers for sharing valuable tips and recipes.Now for the recipe Shahi Tukra which is actually bread based in a milk of saffron . Yummy taste and the  guests liked it very much.


Milk -3 cups

Bread – 6 slices

Saffron – 3 to 4 strands

Ghee – to toast.

Nuts – (Cashew, badam, Pista)- 2 tbsp

For the sugar syrup:

Sugar – 1/4 cup

Water -1 /2 cup


1. Cut the corners of the bread if you like otherwise use it as such and toast the bread on both sides with ghee in low flame.

2. Boil milk till thick and and add  saffron dipped in milk to it .

3.Make a sugar syrup with water , no need to wait for consistency.

4. Cut the nuts into small pieces. You can either garnish it or just add to the milk. i followed the latter.

5. When about to serve dip the bread in a the sugar syrup. A shallow plate will serve the purpose. Then place the bread in a plate and pour the milk mixture on it. Garnish with nuts. You can cool the milk and serve. Toast the bread in advance and soak in syrup only before serving.




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