Raw Banana/Plantain Chips.


20150301_122602[1]Last  year on our visit to Salem my sister in law had made Banana chips. It was really delicious and super crisp.i remember this Banana chips being made in our houses when we are small kids . It is must when guests visit. My Grandmother slits the Banana and makes small chips (very economical). Later due to the advent of hot chips and the potato chips we get in packets in shops we started to buy chips outside and forgot this in the name of oil and work. Does it mean the one we buy in shops does not have oil? A  thing to ponder upon. My son loved this chips  very much so i decided to make this  . Usually i go for Poriyal or Curry with Banana but this Sunday was full of mood to cook and serve so Banana chips  was in the mood. Now for the recipe.


Banana -2 (Big)

Oil – Enough to deep fry

Black Pepper Powder – 1 tsp

Salt –  Add  to taste.


1. Just wash the Bananas and scrap the skin.

2. Then with a chips slicer grate it into very thin  slices

3. Need not put this in water . Deep fry in oil.

4. Make sure the temperature is neither too hot nor less .

5. Drain them in tissue paper.

6. When the second batch is fried, take the first batch chips and put in a vessel and add a bit of pepper+salt mixture and shake the vessel well.

7. Do this repeatedly as you fry more and more chips.

8. Finally store in an air tight vessel . Best suits for mixed rice or even for  that in between snacks.


If the Banana chips becomes soggy after while do not worry just microwave them for a few minutes and it will become crisp.


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