Andhra Peanut Chutney.


Again a short break from blogging and this time i had captured photos but a bit busy as children were at home and i did not want to a internet addict in front of them. So today after their school started, i thought of blogging and post a easy recipe which i always wanted to try and have tasted only once  or twice in life. Peanut chutney is the one which i wanted to try but was putting away the idea or rather forgot the dish itself. Random scanning of internet gave me back the memory. One of my Telugu friend gave this and i first thought it was coconut chutney itself . Finally when we were repacking we thought of mixing the two chutneys brought for the outing. Then only she mentioned that this was peanut chutney . We were surprised as we could not find any difference .Sweet memories and now for the recipe.


Peanuts -1 cup

Dry red chilli – 3

Garlic -3 cloves

Onion -1 sliced

Tamarind – a small piece

Salt – to taste

Oil – 1 tbls.


1. Heat 1 tbls  oil in a pan and add in peanuts and roast for 3 minutes . Remove and let it cool down.

2.In the same pan add garlic and red chilli . Now add in onion and cook till the onions till they turn  transparent.

3. Now take the peanuts and onion and blend with salt and tamarind. No need to add water at first.

4. Later add some water  if necessary or even milk .

5. You can also season  or serve as such with idli, Dosai.


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