SharJah Milk Shake.


The blog has successfully crossed two years and what was started out of zeal now seems to be a commitment and also triggers me to perfect work. Yet time  and many other factors are a constraint. Hope to revamp the blog with more clarity in a about a year  time. At present practical duties are occupying my senses than passion. Sometimes we think running off or creativity will bring a mood change . Nope is the experience. A realistic tool of good energy  in life is how  far we immerse us in our daily life more perfectly and coordinate with life rather than bringing  coffee table book perfect moments . That is why we can see the simple middle class house holds achieving more than their position compared to the upper ones . The  energy spent in creating the ambiance is achieved inwards in these simplistic homes . As far as possible  i try to keep my blog and house expenditure  less expensive as how much a house becomes a home  depends  on  the decorators warmth and sunshine  only , a blog too becomes one with the simplicity . A thing of joy in  us is shared in the blogs  and it should not be a an example of pride. Of course good photos and beautiful props are necessary . But do they swallow the money or bring unnecessary shopping mania and more than that cooking everyday for blog sake forgetting the calorie intake or also forgetting what we swallow is is a question to ponder .Considering all these simplicity and  common sense only rules the household or the world is  established again.

And now a great secret found out  while surfing the blogs.After marriage that was when i was keen in cooking and learning i found out that   great family recipes and their secrets will not be shared . But today the Internet has made every one open and here we are willing to share whatever we have in our heads  and home. A remarkable change  in human habits.

Now from the tantrums of the head to the calls of the stomach. i had made  Sharjah milk shake  earlier but did not shoot it , yesterday i  made and recorded . It is quite an easy milk shake and the ingredients can be of our choice . It is a popular drink in Kerala and i think it should have been introduced from the people working in middle east to Kerala . i have never tasted this outside and the  home made one is the first time i tasted this milk shake. Now  for the recipe.


1. Frozen milk – 250 ml

2. Banana -2

3.Peanuts/ Pista / Peanut candy – 1 tbls

4. Horlicks/ Bournvita / Milo -1 tbls

5.Sugar – 1 tbls

6.Dates -2 to 4

7.Honey -1 tsp

8. Cashew nuts – 4 or 5.

9. Coffee powder -1 /2 tsp


1.In the blender blend the frozen milk, banana, and other ingredients and give a spin.

2. Serve  immediately .


1. In India we get in polythene packets milk so it is easy to freeze . Here i used chilled milk .

2. We can even freeze milk cubes and break it up and simply add the blended fruit and nuts mixture to get the crushed ice texture. You can omit any ingredients if you do not like or do not have in hand .

3.Top with sliced banana or nuts or Horlicks/Milo / Bournvita.

i used Milo, Pista  ,Banana  and chilled milk only.


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