Rose Syrup/ Rose popsicle / Rose Milk .


Rose milk must be only the extravagant milk shake we all would have tasted  in our childhood(In India). Apart from that the occasional   Carrot kheer is another privilege. My Periamma used to make this essence at home itself . The Fresh  cool Aavin milk will be mixed with  this essence and given to us  during the Summer days . The Fresh smell of Rose essence still lingers in my mind even now. Even now when i go to India during holidays i tend to buy this and store it in the fridge even though i use it or not as it will the weather will be cool during that time.  Here in Singapore we  get it in the name Bandung but there is a slight difference in Taste . Recently Raks Kitchen posted this Rose milk essence recipe and i had all that she had mentioned in hand  and so started to make this. The essence making, Popsicle and milk shake recipe are  given below.


1. Sugar -2 cups

2. Water – 1 and a 1/2 cups

3. Rose Essence – 3/4 tsp

4. Pink Food colour -3 /4 tsp


1. In a heavy bottomed vessel , add sugar , water and heat it . Stir it well to dissolve the sugar.

2.When it boil simmer the flame and add the food color at the final stage.

3.The final stage is the sugar consistency reaching a sticky feeling between your fingers.

4.Switch off the flame and add the rose color.

5. When cool  store it is a clean bottle in fridge .

6.For the milk shake just add  3 tbsp pf the syrup to boiled and  chilled milk and test for sugar. If needed add little more syrup and finally the  ice cubes.

7.For the ice Popsicle simply pour this rose milk shake into Popsicle molds and freeze. It does not need any thickening agent or reduced milk . i used Full  cream milk only.


4 thoughts on “Rose Syrup/ Rose popsicle / Rose Milk .

  1. In Singapore, we add evaporated milk to rose syrup and water to make a Bandung drink. The lovely pink shade of the popsicle is exactly the same colour as Bandung! Looks yum, i have to give the recipe a try 🙂

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