Bottle Gourd Adai/ Suraikaai Adai.

20150427_204602[1]Perhaps one of the cheapest vegetable available in Singapore is Bottle gourd. In one shop we get for just 10c. But i do not make this often. The one which we get in India and the one available here is different.Making adai  with Suraikaai is a different task and i had never tasted too . But while blogging i came across this name and decided to make this.Super soft adai.


1.Parboiled Rice  – 3 cups

2. Tuvar Dal – 1 cup

3. Channa Dal  1/2 cup

4. Urada Dal – 2 tbsl

5. Red Chilli – 6

6. Bottle Gourd -1

7. Curry leaves . 4 to 5 leaves.


1. Wash the rice and dal. Soak for  3 hours and grind it in a mixie or grinder along with red chilli.

2. Scrap the outer skin and then grate the bottle gourd.

3.I just added the grated Bottle gourd to the ground mixture . You can give a run in the mixie too. Add required salt to this mixture and add curry leaves, hing to it.

4.Heat a tawa , grease it with oil and then pour a ladle of this batter and spread like Dosai . Add oil along the sides.

5. Cook in the least flame and wait for few minutes. Flip to the other side and again wait for few minutes.

6. Your soft suraikaai adai is ready.i served with Yellow pumpkin Chutney .


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