Chow Chow Bath.


It was our marriage anniversary last Sunday .i was reading a Tamil novel in which a character takes pleasure in cooking for her family . Anything to my taste i take it as an inspiration so i decided to cook elaborately for my family . Morning breakfast was a hit , which was indicated by daughter taking a second round too as she rushed to her tuition classes after her first round. Afternoon i made an elaborate lunch too Araichuvitta Sambhar, Lemon rasam, Sepankizhangu chops, Cabbage Curry and Beans Usili . i had to stop my urge to make a sweet as the Morning kesari was still left over.Now coming for the morning breakfast i had made Chow Chow bath which is nothing but a special combo of Rava Kesari and Rava Khichadi. Rava is  cream of wheat . Rava Kesari is a  sweetened version  with ghee, cashew nuts and saffron added to it. Rava Khichadi is a  savoury made with vegetables . So a duo tie up will bring a  interest to our palates and can be made on a special day . Coconut chutney is enough for this. It will make a grand meal.i seeing the picture in blogs served with the duo in one plate . But my Husband preferred eating one after another. His taste . Happy that my kids liked this combo .They are unaware of many of  our Indian food and their tastes that the previous  day i had ordered a vegetarian lunch and kesari too  was served with it .  i offered to them , their immediate reaction was oh it is sweet .I was wondering how then  will Kesari be . Later i recognized my mistake in not introducing to them . Well after so many posts i have not made this kesari . And also growing up in a total nuclear setup Children are at some loss in receiving  information . They are able to communicate with only few persons. And we may be not  in a mood to distinctly  teach them about our vibrant culture so they may be unaware about what all we do in our house . Thus not only being a good cook but becoming a good guide too has now been introduced into my system, i mean my mind.

Now for the Chow Chow Bath . It consists of two different recipes and so i though i will post the picture and then make entry as two different recipes. Also  am introducing  Special Day Menu ideas  as a new category  as it will be easier for readers to get ideas on what can be served and cooked for us on our D days .


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