Waffles without Eggs.


Who does not like waffles ? And to say the truth waffles is not my option when we go to Jurong Point. i will rather settle for Soya bean cake for calorie reasons. Occasionally i do indulge in it. When Raks kitchen posted this recipe i was too eager to do this. As we always fall in short of ideas for making snacks for children i thought this will be a  good option for breakfast too . For our marriage anniversary this year i pointed  this as my choice for a gift to remember.i tried some recipes in the internet too, But only Raks Recipe  worked out  well. And the simplicity of the recipe and without eggs is the best thing here. Taste and texture is remarkable.



  1. All purpose flour/ Self raising flour – 1 cup
  2.  Lime juice – 1tsp
  3. Baking Soda- 1/4 tsp
  4. Butter melted -2 tblsp
  5. Milk – 1 cup
  6. Vanilla essence – 1 (optional)
  7. Sugar – 1 tsp


1.Mix all dry items .

2. Add melted butter and milk , room temperature.

3. Add lemon juice .

4. Whisk  well.

5. Heat the waffles maker . When the green light switches off , grease the plate and add a ladle of  batter.

6. Cover the  plate with the batter .

7. Extra batter may flow off so be cautious in the amount of batter you take.

8. Close the lid and when the green light switches off again take the waffles with a spatula.

9. It does not stick . But you should be careful while taking it . Apply Choco jam, Honey, Pandan jam or even ice cream and serve hot .


1. Today i did not have butter so i skipped it.No change in taste

2. Also did not have lemon so used oranges. Yet got that porous texture and crispy outside.


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