Mysore Masala Dosa.

20150909_095818[1]Masala Dosai and Madras woodlands is a well known combination . Udupi hotels too have a place in our heart for these aromatic dosais. And my favourite is always Masala dosai when we g to Hotels as its is very filling and a treat too. For the normal idli and dosai why we  go to hotels is my argument from a young age. That is what we call as maturity . After coming to Singapore on our visits to Thendayuthapanni temple ,Friday we used to go to either madras Woodlands or Komalas fast food. My husband sometimes desires to be served on the table rather than queuing and getting the food. So we used to cross the road to Madras woodlands  to get that feeling. It is a small , cosy hotel where we get good service and in our eagerness   we ordered two items in a row and then felt awkward when we couldn’t finish . There  or only after coming to Singapore i should have tasted Mysore Masala dosai . I thought  the Masala filling has carrots and cashew and other that that nothing special . The colour i understood as red chilli powder ‘s effect. Recent searches or Youtube videos showed the preparation of Mysore Masal Dosai and now i am illumined.

Adding to the illumination my sister bought me a big non stick tava on my visit last year  and i was happy to use that . Some things we do  not buy on our own but when gifted doubles our joy. Atleast twice i would have made Mysore Masala Dosai but first time i was busy to take the photo and the second time no dosai was left to take a photo , we were that much hungry. As children are in vacation now  i thought of making something special and made Mysore masala dosai and especially took  the photos . No cookery blog will be completed without a recipe of Mysore masala Dosai is my opinion.Now for the recipe.


For the  Dosa Batter:

1.Rice – 1 cup

2.Idli Rice -1 cup

3.Urad Dal – 1/2 cup

4.Channa Dal – 3 tbsp

5.Poha/ Aval – 1/4 cup

6.Salt – as needed.

Soak everything for  3 hours and  grind with water in a grinder or mixie . Add  salt when ground  to a smooth or less smooth paste .Allow it to get  fermented for 12 hours or overnight . After the required fermentation time the dosai Batter is ready.

For the  Red Chutney :

1.Channa dal – 3 tbsp

2.Dry red Chilli -6

3.Shallots or small onion – 5

4.Garlic – 5 flakes

5.Salt – as per taste

Fry all items in oil for few minutes one by one in the order Channa dal, red chiili, shallots, garlic  and when cool  grind with little water and enough salt. The smooth paste is to be smeared on the dosai.(Red Colour secret (: )

Masala Filling :

1.Potato -2


3.Green chilli -3

4.Ginger -1 /2 inch

5.Channa Dal -1 tsp

6.Mustard seeds -1 tsp

7.Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp

8.Salt – to taste

9.Oil – 3 tsp


  1. Wash and cut the potatoes into fours and pressure cook till soft.
  2.  Cut onion and slit green chilli.
  3.  Dice ginger into small pieces.
  4.  Adding carrot, cashew or peas is our option. i add carrot only .
  5.  In a pan add oil and the mustard seeds, channa  dal have to be added  when oil is quite hot.
  6.  Add ginger, green chilli and onion and saute well. Add the potatoes with skin removed and mash a bit . i prefer more of onions than to potato in the masala. You can add peas, carrot in this a stage.
  7.  Add turmeric powder and salt . Add a little water  if the masala is too thick.
  8.  Let everything get cooked for few minutes. the crunchy taste of carrots can be preserved  so need for further cooking time.

 For the dosai.

1 .i used my non stick tava which is bigger than the usual size. No matter the  size or non stick the dosai has the real zing thing in it. So shape and size need not be a  problem.

2. Heat the tava and apply oil on it.

3.Add a ladle  or two of the batter on the tava. Then a blurb of butter on it. when the dosai gets cooked  a bit apply the red chutney and spread it all over the dosai.


4. Finally the masala is to added in the same way.


5.As we ll know masala dosai needs to be cooked only on one side and when we can see the dosai cooked make a fold and serve hot with chutney and Sambhar.


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