Tea Kadai Bonda.

20151011_155410We do not know the name but it visits our houses and we do not even care  what it is made of. But simply munch it while chatting with our family .Since we are shy to visit  tea stalls it is usually bought by our family male members especially my brother in law when they  go out. It is  a surprise visitor in our families on a lazy Sunday mid afternoon or evening. Sometimes when my sister  is in her work place and we happen to visit her house we will be treated by this snack. Vadai and Puff are other accompaniments. The same Bonda in Brahmins mess is small and crispy. The one in Tea stalls is big and full of onions.  Since my brother in law buys this i  recognize it like that only that is it can be bought only outside. Ö But recent   searches in internet gave me an idea on how it is made and Chitra’s cook book gave the exact  recipe. i was thinking of making this one day. Yesterday i was sleeping and my son came running towards me and said Mummy i am  hungry. He immediately wanted  something and my brain googled and found this stored  idea. In 10 minutes this snack was ready . Yummy and tasty . Thanks Chitra. i added carrot and Omam in the second and  third part as i felt it could be more better . And the second part was little bit thinner consistency and it was also better.Now for the recipe.


  1. Bengal Gram Flour -1 cup
  2. Rice flour -1 tbls
  3.  Omam/ Ajwain-1 tsp
  4.  Carrots – 1/2 cup
  5. Big onion -2
  6.  Green chilli -2
  7.  Red Chilli Powder -1 /2 tsp
  8.  Cooking soda – a pinch
  9. Salt – enough to taste
  10.  Oil – to deep fry


  1. Mix  the flour, red chilli powder, salt , cooking soda and ajwain .
  2. Slice the onion thinly .You can make big or small pieces . i prefer bigger ones . Cut green chilli and carrots and add to this . i added Baby carrots.
  3. Add this to the flour moisture.
  4. Add water little by little. The batter should be thick.
  5. Make small balls out of it and deep fry in oil.
  6. If you find the yield hard add little more water and drop the batter in the oil. This also is good and does not consume oil. The Bondas when cold will be hard for our throats so in the final rounds we can add water to the batter  and make soft bonds which when eaten later will not be hard for our throats.



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