Thanks for the 50,000 hits.

A viewer form Asia, America, Australia the stats reveal on what is happening here i feel happy for the unknown visitors and for their interest in my blog. Although we do not know each other it is quite interesting to get connected on a common basis. As the passion goes running i feel happy whenever i  see a  visitor from a land where i have ever visited  or even know. The commitment to make a post or share grows when we have support. After all sharing and showing is a hidden delight inside all of us and blogging about our cooking is a pride and a joyful one. so i never mind when i am going to cook for the blog. Also am happy when my friends or  relatives comment about my blog. i giggle and  say when it is for my blog i take the extra mile other wise i am a lazy one to cook. So thanks once again for the kick you give me and the to say that the interest you show only ,ignites my kitchen stove is not an exaggerated one. Thank  You Very much readers.


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