Salads and committed weight Loss.



Pomegranate, guava, yellow Capsicum, kidney Beans,Apple, dates and Honey.


Carrot. Purple cabbage, Yellow capsicum , Soaked Almond and Honey.



Green Apple , Mint Chutney , Cherry Tomato, Boiled small potato .


Sprouted Green gram, Raw Mango and Lemon juice.



cherry tomato, Plums, Pomegranate, Boiled SoyaBeans, Baby Carrot, Dates, Almond . 

I did not even think of losing weight until i saw the salad post in Jeyashri’s kitchen a month late i had been going for a walk every morning. i try to make it five times a week. And it is easy, as i go with my son to leave him in his school i just put on my sneakers and speed walk with him, leave him in his school , take a longer  route , come to an exercise corner  , do some work out, enjoying nature return to my house. But weight loss commitment was  not in my mind till then  . Jeyashri had posted about salads in her blog and added the commitment to lose weight, this year , a theme started by

Each weight lost is matched by a Tree planted by them. The motto is good and the ways suggested by them is also nice. Eating in moderation, take a little bit less rice, salad for any meal  are sure ways to lose weight. So a month ago i committed to the weight loss program and happy to share that i have lost 3 kg now. Except for the severe cold because  of the sudden heat wave in   i was okay. Otherwise i would have lost 1 more kg . And adding to my interests i came to know about Ruchita  Divakar , a renowned Indian dietician whose ways work out finely. I just took a glance  in the net . And came to few understandings. Anyhow i have  reserved her book in the library. i think i will be able to read more about her suggestions . And will update here soon  about my new findings.

Now for the salad tips  A normal salad consists of few vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, honey or lemon or even pepper powder . A typical well balanced salad is a combination of all these. Some may be citrus allergy or honey may cause constipation. So be careful with all your selections above than this no other dressing will do you a good weight loss i think so . So natural goodness is always better.

For Fruits:

Water Melon, papaya, pine apple, Kiwi, Apple. green apple. Banana, Guava, Pomegranate anything available locally and organic

For Vegetables:

Cucumber , cabbage, Tomato, Cherry tomato,Carrots, Capsicum  e.t.c.

For dressing :

Lemon juice, Pepper powder. Honey

Any chutney or gravy too will do good . But i found that too hot  so omitted them.

For Legumes:

Sprouted  grams like Horse gram, Channa , Soya bean,Kideny beans,Peanuts are some choices .

You can even use just plain cooked beans instead of sprouts .


Dates and soak Almonds are good choices. Sunflower , flax seeds , Prunes ,Figs are alternate ones. Always go  for simpler , easily available ones

Pre plan your salad and make them ready. If anything need soaking and cooking do it ahead and store in the fridge. At meal time  mix the required in an ideal bowl and start enjoying .  A  good salad replacing a meal gives  us a good mood and startup too. We tend to become health conscious and drink lots of water . We try to look out for new ideas and choices too. May be we can give an day or two off  may be on weekends or when the Dinner is  too tempting ,. I always think like this i can eat that temptation the next day . Once or twice i have  slipped from this but some how manage to go with salad  for dinner. Dinner is my choice but you can go for any time of the day .Remember to follow your health pattern if something is not going on well do find out what it is and skip it . Other wise we have got an excellent commitment this year. Hope you friends too come and join us with the commitment and let us grow Healthily Together.

 And few practical examples i am following.(Few from Ruchita diwakar’s)

  1. Start the  day with Apple or Banana instead of the Coffee or Tea.You can even take Goose berry or Lemon juice without sugar
  2. Eat breakfast a healthy one whichever is available at home .Dosai and Idlis are as good as Bread and egg whites
  3. Take a midday snack Diluted Butter milk and few grapes will do the justice.Soups are always a good choice . If you have time you can go for it .
  4. For lunch take a smaller proportion of rice than our usual one  . Add two vegetables for lunch .Try  to make lunch  a relishing , filling one . A microwaved Appalam , Thuvaiyal , salad will make a feast . Don’t ever starve yourself as this will give an unhealthy disposition .

5. Now around Evening we can go for our piping Hot coffee or Tea with a snack. Usually  biscuits digestive or Marie is an ideal one. But if we have time we can go for any sundal or sandwiches or occasionally  deep fried snacks . Eat in moderation

6.For dinner :While we make Dinner for our loved ones do cut and arrange  the vege  and fruits and eat along with your family members serving the dinner you had  made for them or reserving it for  your break fast the next  day. That way  we enjoy both.

Tender Coconut water , carrot juice and Sugar cane juices are always good thirst quenchers .

Do keep fruits as snacks and censor all snacks from the kitchen. Let our Family members grow  healthily with us .




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