Sweet Corn Soup.

wp-1462778321068.jpegThis is an easy soup . It is so easy that we  do not need much  cutting or straining part . Jeyashri’s  Kitchen and posted this and  this yummy soup can be had on a day when the cooking is on the go and if we can spare a stove for this to satiate the hungry pangs . i am sure i will make this again. i used frozen corn but we can use Fresh corn too. If using Fresh corn steam it.


1. Frozen Corn -1 cup

2. Ginger- a small piece

3. Garlic – 4 flakes

4.Pepper powder -1 tsp

5.  Fresh  Milk/Fresh cream -1 /2 cup

6.Butter -1 tsp

7. Salt – To taste


1. First cook the frozen corn in an open pan for 3 minutes.

2. Mean while peel the ginger and garlic.

3. In a pan add butter and saute ginger and garlic.

4.Then saute the cooked corn for few minutes. That’s it.

5.Cool the ingredients and then grind in a mixie .

6.If needed add water.

7.Then in a saucepan add this mixture  ,then add a little salt and pepper powder .

8. Finally add a cup or half of  milk . Let it simmer  .

9. Serve Hot  with Soup sticks.


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