How to make Nannari Syrup?

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Nannari sarbath (SarasaParilla  )  is an unforgettable drink in my life. Like Paneer soda, nannari too has a distinct identity and everyone who grew in the 80s are addicts to them  . The best thing is we all grew  with limited access to all these and we did not worry what will happen if we have these in as o media was there to do such propaganda . Then as diabetics  crept in the family only we came to know about diets and having Tiffin (: for Dinner . Nannari  sarbath or any assortment of our time had a special day or occasion that is it may be summer or winter or going to a place where the food is popular or we ourselves asking Mother to buy for us . Now  i could think how many times my mother had  bought  for me  and now when we buy anything they feel like child and relish and enjoy that . It is a  pleasure to remember and give back to them too. Pray that all of us get such pleasant  feelings in life so that we can reciprocate the same love and warmth. After all it is  only in our mind and nothing else that prevents us to love and live .

It is my long time wish to make perfect Jigirthanda . starting from scratch. Its one ingredient is Nannari Syrup. So when i had a chance to visit Jothi Flower store, Singapore which houses all types of herbs and medicines i remembered to buy Nannari root . Then again it took along time to prepare. Already i had bought Badam Pisin from India and it is lying in the Cupboard. So one fine day i will be making Jigirthanda. Now an inspiration From Kananmma cooks , a video uplaoded gave me a kick to make this . And yes i finally made and my family too like this .Thank you


Nannari root – 1 small packet(the weight is not given in the packet.. sorry .. may be 50 gm)

Water-1 ltr

Sugar -1 cup

Salt -1 tsp

For  the Sarbath 

Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Nannari syrup -3 tbsp

Ice cubes -3

Water – 150 ml .


1. Pound the Nannari roots with a Hammer.

2. Inside the root you will find a white part which should be discarded, we use only the brown part.

3. Now wash the nannari root in running water and sieve.

4.You an either use your mixer or use the mortar to grind the nannari root to a coarse powder . i used my mortar .

5. Pressure cook the powder with 1 ltr of water , salt and sugar for 1 whistle.

6. When the stem settles , strain the mixture.

Boil teh  mixture until it i syrupy.

Store when it is  cool in a clean bottle, in a fridge.

i added litte demerara sugar to getthat colour.

For the Sarbath.:

What we have prepared is the Syrup and now we have to make the drink which we call as Sarbath.

For that take a tall glass , add the syrup  3 tsp, add water, lemon juice and mix with a spoon well. The click click sound of the sarbath being made  still lingers in my ears . Top up with few ice cubes and enjoy.

Nannari syrup or sarasaparilla is good for health too. Try home made Syrup .




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