Kuthiraivaali Khuskha.



A quickest response  which could be made is proved by me (:, i read a recipe in a women’s weekly in the library, took the photo and the same day evening i made it . What a surprise !my husband and kids too liked it (i mean the food ). Well done! i owe credit to the writer and am posting the shot i took . Kuthiraivaali or Barn yard millet is good for health and substituting it for rice is always good. Finding recipes  or creating own ideas is little difficult . I am lucky to get this recipe. It is tasty and simple to make. i made it for dinner but with a simple gravy we can make it for lunch too. Having millets twice a week  is beneficial and it can be noted that Kuthiraivaali rice is  6 times more rich in nutrients than wheat.


Ingredients :

  1. Kutharivaali rice -2 cup
  2. Ginger  – 1 inch
  3. Green Chilli – 3
  4. Coconut milk – 1 cup
  5. Big Onion -1
  6.  Tomato -1
  7.  Bay leaf -1 
  8.  Cardamom – 2
  9. Cloves -1 
  10. Cinnamon -1 /2 inch piece
  11. Water -2 cups
  12. Coriander Powder – 1/2 tsp
  13. Coriander leaves – a handful  
  14.  Oil n ghee mixed -2 tsp.


  1. Wash the kuthiraivaali rice and keep aside.
  2. Cut onion, ginger and tomato .Make Coconut milk .
  3. Slit  green chilli .
  4. In a cooker add in and ghee.
  5.  When hot add the bayleaf, cardamom, cloves .
  6. Saute onion and green chilli well.
  7.  Add ginger and then Tomato .
  8. Add water and salt, reduce the salt  a little bit .
  9. Add coconut milk  and Kuthraivaali rice .
  10. Add coriander powder – and mix well.
  11. Close the cooker and cook for 1 whistle.
  12. After the steam settles , open the cooker  add  a dash of ghee, garnish with coriander leaves  .
  13. Serve with Onion Raitha or Any gravy .

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