Spicy Mock Chicken Kuzhambu -Kongunaadu Style.



Mock chicken is  vegetarian substitute for chicken. Full of protein it gives the vegetarian taste bud a lick of  chicken. Irresistible curries and gravies can be made with this. For only vegetarians we can take this as  we make  paneer  dishes, a twist in cooking. i like to cook elaborately , grinding, marinating. Since vegetarian cooking is always simple imitating non vegetarian recipes is  liked by me  . We can add potatoes, cauliflower, soya chunks in place of   meat and make innumerable variety. And i followed this recipe from Kannamma cooks . It is easy and except for poppy seeds i included all the ingredients in the recipe. Along with Chettinaadu, Kongunaadu too has taken a good place in my blog. So time to start a new category here.

Sharmis passions and Kannamma cooks are excellent resources of Kongunaadu recipes . Their versatile style, art of expressing it is liked by me. For authentic Brahmin recipes and just like a Brahmin friend next door who usually prompts us to do that and this Jeyashri and Raks kitchen are always specific and prompt in giving good recipes and the mood to cook on special days. Kitchen rhapsody is another blogger who loves to cook, photograph and blog. It is my inspiration to bring my blog and taste to her level. Subtle and fascinating .Yet there are many bloggers who catch attention but the above mentioned bloggers  are always in my hand’s sorry heart’s touch. Cannot stay away from them. Thank you bloggers for the good work and the subtle inspiration you always have on your readers.


 Serves :4 


We have two masala to get ready and one is wet and another dry .


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