Mee Goreng.


Many years ago one of my friend  told  me that Mee means fat and Bee means Thin . So Mee goreng the fat noodles doesn’t need any explanation on its part . Those who have tasted it or in Singapore know about it . It  is one of the popular food we get and I have already blogged about Vegetarian Bee Hoon .

The  specialty of these food is  including lot of vegetables . Also we have been used  to  the type of  cooking which includes Soaking and grinding . But this  type of cooking involves little bit preparation only . Se we sweat less and eat more… vegetables . So it is a D day for us .

For those who do not know about this: It is a noodles variety , yellow cooked noodles which is little bit thick is and cooked with  a variety of sauces  and vegetables . A slightly smoked  aroma is its specialty. I have tasted its vegetarian counterpart at Komalas Buffet . But I do not eat regularly ,As getting the vegetarian Mee Goreeng outside is difficult

Recently when I went to Republic  Polytechnic which has a  big food court  I had this . There a lot of food stalls and all have a variety of food items which even a normal food court would have . Facing a green pasture the open food court is bright and airy . No food smell and fully clean and tidy it was a pleasant experience to sit there and read a book while my son was busy in his GAT.

As it was  a early day outing we bought lunch home . A vegetarian food stall which I am damn sure sells only vegetarian food, I cross checked twice and asked if all are vegetarian and the stall vendor was  good enough to explain and  give me a generous portion of Mee Goreng .

And that taste  made me  look for the recipe in the net and cook. Yet cannot match that taste . yummylicious.

This is Mee Goreng cooked in the Vegetarian style.


Cooked Yellow noodles 1 pkt
Garlic 3 cloves (chopped)
Chilli Paste 3 tbsp
Fried Tofu 1 packet
Bean sprouts  1 small cup (Just ask for 10 c to the shopkeeper)
Light Soy Sauce 3 tsp
Tomato ketch up 3 Tsp
Sugar, Salt To Taste


  1. Yellow cooked noodles is available in supermarkets here. Those who cannot get can cook  normal Noodles and use the same recipe.
  2. First soak the noodles in plenty of water , to remove the oil .
  3. Then cut the fried tofu or fired bean curd which is again available ready and cut into  small squares.
  4. Peel the garlic  and wash the bean sprouts .
  5. In a big pan add two tsp oil and add the garlic sauté well.
  6. Then add the noodles followed by chilli paste, soy sauce, salt, sugar and tomato ketch up.
  7. Sauté well.
  8. Add the bean curd . And Mix well. Finally add the bean sprouts and in a minute switch off the flame Serve as it is and hot .



 To make CHILLI Paste :

Soak 4 to 5 chillies in hot water for 10 minutes  and grind to a smooth paste with little water.

Mixing is important in this so toss the noodles up and down well to get that even coating .





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