40 minute Buns.

DSC_0330Baking is a passion and careful planning will yield delicious food in our kitchen. Instead of frying a snack for an evening baking is much more healthy and the amount of mess involves less compared to stove top cooking. Baking perfect bread and buns is a dream for me and i always want much more perfection . As cupcakes, muffins and cakes have their limitations in our health side baking bread or buns is a chance for lovers of baking. i got this recipe from Domestic goddess wannabe . i loved the way in which she had arranged the buns in the muffin tray. Since i did not have 6 hole muffin tray i opted for my original one so the buns were mini buns. Also had reserved Paneer in my kitchen for the filling , but this was s a sudden task as hunger pangs crept inside us and so i decide to go with just cheddar cheese filling. The original recipe calls for parmesan cheese for garnishing but i used Cheddar cheese alone. Also I used a little wheat flour as i ran out of APF . But i am giving the original recipe and it works so perfect even with my interference .i lined my muffin tray and baked for the safer side.
Now for the recipe


        1.Bread Flour – 3 ½ cup

       2.Oil   –      1/3 cup

       3.   Warm Water  – 1 cup plus 2 tbls

       4.Dry Yeast      2tbls

        5.Salt          –   1 ½ tsp

  • 6.Sugar        –    ¼ cup

    7.Cheddar Cheese  – 1 cup (115 gm)

    8.Parmesan cheese(Grated ) – Garnishing

    9.Egg  –    1

1. Heat oven to 220 degress
2. Line the muffin moulds
3. In the mixer bowl combine the water, oil, yeast, sugar and allow i to rest for 15 minutes .
4.Using the dough hook mix in the salt , egg and flour .
5.Then use your hands and mix evenly, the dough should be evenly mixed.
6.No need for resting time a the name itself suggests 40 minute bun.
7.If you want a curry filling do before hand , You may add potato, paneer or even any sweet filling
8.Make 12 even balls out of this.
9.Inside each ball place the cheddar cheese filling . Gather the edges and seal.
10.Place them on the lined muffin tray.
11.Garnish with parmesan cheese.
12.Bake for 10 to 12 minutes .
13.Mine took 15 minutes .

Enjoy the bun and the baking too.


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