i remember immediately after marriage  while coming to back to Singapore after holidays  bringing this magizhampoo murukku  flour which my garndmother prepares and gives.We get normal Murukku flour here. So my Husband insisted on bringing  this . Nowadays we get everything in Singapore , i used to kid except Amma ,Appa (Parents ) we can get whatever we have in India here. Such a facility here that in our down stairs we can get all our Indian grocery . Sometimes i am surprised to see sweets from my hometown sweet stall too here .We have two Indian Grocery stalls and here i got the roasted green gram flour here near my house and even an Indian Barber shop.


1. Rice Flour -1 cup

2. Roasted Moong dal flour -1 /4 cup

3.Coconut milk -2 tbsp

4.sugar candy/ kalkandu –  1 tbsp(you can use sugar too)

5.Jeera seeds -1 /4 tsp

6.Butter – 2 tbsp

7.Salt – To taste

8.Oil to deep fry.


1. Melt the butter.

2. Make the coconut milk, a diluted version will do.

3. Powder  the sugar candy.

4.Mix the candy in the coconut milk.

5. Heat the mixture a little.

6. Mix the flour in a wide vessel.

7. Add salt and jeera seeds.

8. Add butter, coconut milk and knead well. add water little by little.

9. In the muruku mould add the dough and press in hot oil .

10. Cook till the sizzling sound goes off .

11. Store in air tight containers .




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