Munthiri Kothu.


Munthiri Kothu is sweet and is widely popular in the Kanyakumari, Thirunelveli districts    we never make it. i knew about it after  reading in a Ramani Chandran novel . i had tried this once . This year for Gokulashtami i wanted to prepare it again and the internet gave me lot of recipes. i mixed few recipes  and made Munthiri Kothu  . Though may not be authentic yet it has the shades of the original. it is named Munthiri as the sweet is like clusters. But i could not make it like that. i made separate balls . The sweet stay fresh for  few weeks too .


1.Powdered Jaggery -1 cup

2.Coconut 1 cup

3.Broken Green Gram -1 cup

4.Cardamom – 2

5. Suku/ Dry Ginger – 1 small piece.

6.Water -1 /2 cup

For the outer covering –

1.Raw rice – 1/2 cup

2.Boiled Rice – 1/4 cup .

3. Turmeric power -1 /4 tsp

4. Salt – a pinch


1. Soak the rice together for two hours.

2.Meantime we can make the inner part.

3. Dry roast the Moong dal well.

4.When  cool grind it to a fine powder along with Cardamom and Sukku.

5.In a heavy bottom pan add the jaggery and  1 cup of water.

6.When the jaggery dissolves strain it and again cook in the same pan.

7.This is to remove the impurities.

8.When the jaggery boils slow the flame.

9.There  is no need   for any particular consistency but we need a little thick syrup.

10.In another pan dry roast the coconut.

11. When the jaggery syrup thickens switch off the flame and add the moongdal powder and coconut and mix well.

12.When cool make small balls and keep aside ..

13.When the soaking time for the rice is over , grind it to a smooth paste.

14.Add turmeric powder and salt .

15. In a kadai add oil.

16.When the the oil is hot  soak the balls in the batter and deep fry .

17. Continue the rest in batches .

Your Munthiri Kothu is ready .


  1. The powder may be coarse.
  2.  Instead of rice  you can use   maida/ rice four or dosa batter
  3.  The Green moong dal is replaced by yellow moongdal too or half half in some recipes
  4.  The sweet remains fresh for few weeks too .



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