Garlic Curry leaves Podi.


My neighbour gave me two large packets of Curry Leaves and i usually make curry leaves powder. when i get this lot . But this time i wanted to to make it different so referred Kamala’s corner and made Garlic Curry leaves powder . It is quite simple and and has a different taste . It is ideal for curd rice , idly, dosai too.


  • Curry Leaves – a handful
  •  Garlic Flakes -25 to 30 (small ones)
  •  Coriander seeds -2 tbls
  • Coconut gratings -a handful
  •  Oil -2 to 3 tsp
  •  Salt -1 tsp or to taste


  • Remove the curry leaves form its stalk .
  •  Immerse in a bowl of water and wash well.
  •  Then spread in paper towels or a clean white cloth.
  •  When the leaves are dry , dry roast in a pan .
  •  Then keep it  it separate and in the same pan add oil.
  •  Add  coriander seeds, red chilli, garlic and coconut and fry well.
  • When the ingredients are dry enough add in a mixer jar and dry grind . After a round turn the mixture with a spoon , add salt and again grind well. Store in air tight container.
  •  Mix it with rice or have it with curd rice. Can be taken for idly , dosai too .

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