Oats Cucumber Wheat Rava Idli.


Well the recipe is not as long as the name itself is the humour  in this  food.  i came across this recipe in Shyla’s kitchen. I had tried it earlier and it was tasty . The original recipe calls for rava , while i made with it the first time., this time for today’s breakfast i used wheat rava, as i had only that in my hand. Having taken the 21 days raw vegan detox challenge i am now cautious about food and calories.(:

It is good to use  Idly Maavu for one day only . At the most i could use it within two days. Making paniyaaarams the next day finishes the maavu. So for breakfast i have to go for instant food. Oats Idly, Wheat Dosa  are some choices. If i come across anything new and instant i will post here. And nothing can match our Idly, Dosai fora healthy and a  sumptuous meal is the ultimate Truth.


1. Wheat Rava/ White Rava -1 cup

2. Rolled Oats/ Quick Cooking Oats- 1 cup

3. Green Chilli -2

4.Ginger -1 /2 inch piece

5. Coriander leaves- a handful

6.Cucumber (Grated with skin) -1 cup.

7. Curd -2 tsp

8. Salt – as needed .


1. Grind green chilli, coriander leaves and half a cup of grated  cucumber to a fine paste. No     need to add water while grinding.

2. In a bowl add the oats and wheat rava and  mix well.

3.Add  salt and  the ground mixture. The water you use to take the remaining paste from the mixie is enough. Add a teaspoon  of water to do this.

4. Mix well.

5.Add the remaining  grated cucumber and mix well.

6.Do not add water  now.

7.Leave the mixture to stand for 20 minutes.

8. After 20 minutes grease the Idli plates with oil  and boil water in the idly cooker.

9. Mean while add the curd to the mixture  and mix well. There will be no need for water.

10. The original recipe called for eno esalt , No need for that .

11. Cucumber itself will give that necessary water content and softness.

12. Pour the Mixture in the idly plates and cook in medium flame for 10 minutes.

13. If you steam one plate at a time the edges will be fine . Otherwise it become soggy.

14.Needless to say  with  adjectives like soft , malligai poo as by  using oats , cucumber and wheat rava we get  really soft Idlis.We can create magic in the kitchen .

Tried this with Onion and Tomato chutney.



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